A great, positive learning experience! My son has been attending preschool at Inspire Kids Montessori and will be going to kindergarten next month and everything has been great. He was an only child until recently and he had a home nanny before, so this was his first time in a public setting and the staff at Inspire Kids Montessori made the transition very positive. He has learned so much and I’m impressed everyday with how much they do with him and the curriculum they teach. It’s a great atmosphere and the kids are well taken care of. He loves going to school each day and has made lots of friends – I couldn’t be happier!

Sam E. / Parent

If education is the most important thing to you, you can’t miss by taking your child to Inspire Kids Montessori Both of our daughters have attended Inspire Kids Montessori and our overall experience has been very positive. The staff has been great and Diana puts forth the effort to build a nice community for the children and parents. Diana has been especially supportive with our family and is fantastic to deal with. Montessori schools come highly accredited and I believe Inspire Kids Montessori is one of the best schools you could take your child to. They will provide the head start your children need to succeed in school.

Karl R. / Parent

Good experience, great administrative staff Have had a good experience with Inspire Kids Montessori. My husband, my daughter and I really liked Carrie Ramirez who was very helpful. The administrative staff is also very helpful

Gita J-R. / Parent

Great school, highly recommend! I am very happy with Inspire Kids Montessori. About 5 years ago I enrolled my older son there, and was so happy with how it went my younger son now goes there as well. Am very happy with the curriculum and teachers, and would definitely recommend Inspire Kids Montessori!

Lubna I. / Parent

My husband is not an emotional person, on my children’s last day at IKM he cried. We absolutely loved bringing our two children here. The staff and teachers genuinely care about all of the kiddos that attend. Finding another school like this will be a difficult journey, they have set the bar so high for my expectations. Anytime we had any questions they were quick to respond, anytime one of our kids were sick or injured (normal bumps and bruises any toddler gets) we were immediately notified. We received constant communication and were never in the dark about what was happening. My daughter attended for almost two years and my son for about a year. The growth we saw in them was incredible! My daughter isn’t even 4 and she is close to starting to read and doing simple math problems. My 2 year old can count and recognize words/colors/shapes. Their vocabulary and ability to have conversations is amazing. They can recognize when someone is upset and know to help console them. IKM went above and beyond to provide them with the best and it shows. We will miss everyone there!!!

Erika N. / Parent

I would like to share my experience with Inspire Kids Montessori so far. We have our oldest son enrolled and we have already signed up our baby to start once he turns 1. We love the school and the staff is just amazing. Our son has been in Ms Carrie’s class for almost a year now and loves it. Ms Carrie and the rest of the staff are so caring and amazing. They are genuine in the connection they forge with the children and it has been amazing to see our son look forward to going to school and showing us what he learns everyday. Cannot recommend it enough! Thank you Inspire Kids Montessori for all that you do for our children.

Mira F. / Parent

Great school, friendly environment.

Sadaf J. / Parent

“I highly recommend IKM! My daughter has been here for 1 year and we have had an absolutely amazing experience. As soon as we took a tour of the school, I knew we wanted to be a part of the IKM family. My daughter’s vocabulary, social skills and confidence have skyrocketed since she joined IKM and we couldn’t be happier. We adore the entire staff as they are always incredibly friendly, accommodating and communicative. Through our time here, my daughter has been in Ms. Carrie’s class. I cannot say enough about how amazing she is. She goes above and beyond every single day and as a Mother, it is very comforting knowing that my toddler is in her care during the day. She is attentive, kind and so amazing with each and every child. Thank you will never be enough for the positive impact she has had on my daughter and our whole family. We are so incredibly blessed to have found IKM and Ms. Carrie!”

Adrienne Cooper / Parent

Inspire Kids Montessori’s mission is to inspire children to reach their full potential and to develop a lifelong love of learning in a safe and loving environment.