Encouraging Your Infant to Speak

Speaking is a critical aspect of language, through our first cries and gestures, we were already born as natural communicators. While everyone learns to speak at a unique pace, with simple activities, we can help infants reach their full language potential.

Birth: Newborns need to feel safe and trusting in their environments. Initially, they will communicate through cries and body language, so we must translate their expressions and react respectively.

Two – Three Months: Your infant starts making new sounds! Encourage these newfound coos and strike up a conversation. Hold your baby up close, chat face-to-face, and enunciate slowly.

Four – Five Months: Infants will begin to exercise a wider range of sounds. Watch the delight in their faces when you imitate their sounds!

Five – Nine Months: Your baby has completely transformed into a babbling virtuoso. Continue to engage in conversation, describe ongoing life, and read books together.

Ten – Twelve Months: Around this time, infants are able to accomplish basic tasks and may start to say a few words. Request your infant to carry out simple acts, such as waving or pointing out objects.

Other Daily Tips:

  • Use proper language (never use “baby-talk”)
  • Sing
  • Read
  • Make music
  • Eliminate distracting background noise
  • Go on trips and run errands together

Did you find any of these activities useful? What are your experiences with infant language development? Let us know your stories in the comments below!


Early Learning Activities for Babies