Montessori at Home: DIY Alphabet Box

Have a piece of the Montessori classroom at home! This simple and affordable project will help your toddler develop language skills as a fun and engaging work.


  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape/Glue
  • Little trinkets
  • Storage box/boxes with 26 individual sections

(found here and here)


Making the alphabet box:

  • Label the box! Print the letters and tape/glue them to each drawer
  • Fill each drawer with material related to the specified letter (Ex. marble for M, toy zebra for Z, magnetic letters, etc.)

An alphabet box at IKM

How to use:

When your preschooler is ready to work, have him/her pick a drawer and unroll a mat or sit at a desk.

Observe as he/she carefully pronounces each object in the drawer, emphasizing the first letter.

Ex. M-m-m-marble! M!

When finished with the work, allow him/her to put all materials back in the proper drawer and clean up the work space.

The Goal:

Alphabet recognition, phonetic sound recognition, focus development, and independence