Montessori Infant Care vs. Nannies

Nicole Darmawaskita

Between Mary Poppins and Maria Montessori, choosing the right care for your newborn blessing can be more like a daunting hunt than a breezy stroll. Whether hiring a nanny or enrolling in a Montessori infant care center, here are a few key differences to consider:

Training: Although most nannies are CPR and First Aid certified, very few have any education in early child care. However, an infant care center is guaranteed to house a staff of formally trained and experienced individuals in early childhood education. All of our staff at Inspire Kids Montessori is required to have a minimum of five years of experience in addition to Montessori early childhood training and certification.

Development: While a  minimally trained nanny may not have the knowledge or experience, a trained educator will foster a baby’s independence and unique personality through exploration and learning activities specially tailored to each student. At Inspire Kids Montessori, we cultivate every infant’s practical skills, sensorial perception, language and socialization abilities, mathematical reasoning, and cultural awareness.

Environment: Even though a nanny can keep your baby at home, an infant care program will encourage socialization amidst exposure to new experiences and sights. Here at Inspire Kids Montessori, we strive to provide an abundance of resources and learning materials in a calm, clean, caring, and consistent setting for all of our infant students.

Convenience: You may have a shorter commute with a nanny around, but unfortunately, they can be late or sick, and are often quick to move on to other careers. Finding a backup caretaker at the last minute can be extremely cumbersome – especially to a working parent. With an infant care center, you never have to worry about finding a replacement. Furthermore, the Inspire Kids Montessori team understands your busy schedule, and we offer accommodating pick-up and drop-off times that align with your schedule.