Springtime Gathering Activities to Enjoy With Your Preschooler

Candy, egg hunts, and delicious food. Springtime gatherings are so much fun! Here are some ideas to help you make it a magical and cheerful spring for your kids.

Whimsical Balloon Eggs

Put a whimsical spin on the traditional egg hunt by attaching balloons to the eggs! Toddlers love balloons and it will help keep their attention and prevent frustration when they can’t find eggs. Imagine how surprised and happy they will be to wake up and see their backyard covered in colorful balloons and eggs! All you’ll need for this simple activity is helium, balloons, ribbon, plastic eggs, and treats for inside the eggs that will help weigh the balloons down.

Magical Bunny Trail

Hop, hop, hop! Your child will elated to find a Magical Bunny Trail in their backyard! Sprinkle plastic eggs and small toys on the sidewalk leading to a small hole near your fence where the bunny escaped! Draw bunny footprints on the sidewalk with white chalk that lead to the hole in the ground.

For the Baby Bunnies

If you have a sweet little one who’s not quite old enough to enjoy chocolate and coins yet, these adorable bunny, carrot, and chick shaped eggs filled with yogurt melts are perfect. You can also fill their basket with things like fruit squeeze pouches, small toys, stuffed animals, and teething toys.

For the Older Rabbits

Springtime can be fun for bigger kids, too! Try out these Egg Rockets! All you need for this activity are plastic eggs, a seltzer tablet, water, and a kid to shake it up! Once you shake up the egg, stand back and watch as it launches across the yard!

Magical Garden

This simple activity is a great way to get your child outdoors and is such a great surprise for them to wake up to! All you’ll need is a fresh patch of soil and carrots (real or chocolate)! Lay out the soil in a small patch or pot, and plant the carrots in the soil. Invite your child to pick their own carrots and enjoy this great intro to gardening! If you want to put another fun spin on gardening, try growing your very own lollipop garden! Have your kids plant jelly beans at night. Once they’re asleep, replace the jelly beans with lollipops. When they wake up in the morning, watch their excitement as they find a lollipop garden has sprouted!

Keeping Egg Hunts Fair

If you have young kids, fairness is the key to happiness! If your kids are upset when their sibling finds more eggs than they did, try these Color Coded Egg Hunt Baskets! Each child has the opportunity to select what color egg they want to hunt for. Then, they are given a basket that matches the color of the eggs they are searching for. Everyone has an equal amount of treats at the end and is equally as happy! This is also a great way to handle having kids who are different ages. For example, you can put the chocolate bars and money in the pink eggs and the yogurt melts in the green eggs!

The Inspire Kids Montessori family in Ahwatukee wishes you a happy Spring!